Compounding Lab

Cornerstone Pharmacy is equipped with a compounding lab to cater to the specific prescriptive medication needs of our patients.  It is yet another reason of why Cornerstone takes patient health and satisfaction, very seriously.

A Medical Practitioner’s prescription may not always be a common prescriptive “off-the-shelf” formula and may involve extra strength and or, individual ingredients.  When this occurs, Cornerstone is prepared for with our on-site compounding lab to ensure that your medication is precisely accurate with the correct medical ingredients, along with the correct dosage requirements.

Special Medication Requirements? We’ve got you covered.  

Meds-Check Consultation

Scheduled throughout the year, a comprehensive interview takes place between a Cornerstone Pharmacist and the patient in question. A thorough review of the patient’s prescription and non-prescription medications occurs, which in turn brings greater understanding and stability to the individual undergoing treatment.

The patient learns how to fulfill the medication therapy prescribed by all healthcare providers involved. Aiding the individual’s perspective encourages a healthier lifestyle as their diet and exercise regimen can greatly reinforce the benefits of the medication being administered. We take great pride in effectively communicating to all of our patients what they are taking, how best to take it and reassuring them that should they have any questions to never hesitate in asking them.


Blood Pressure Check 

It cannot be exaggerated on how important it is for Cornerstone Professionals to frequently check the blood pressure of patients as anything outside the optimum range can lead to severe consequences at a quickened pace. Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, can lead to heart disease and stroke, among other deadly ailments.

The patient’s history of blood pressure values during their time spent with Cornerstone Pharmacy will be recorded within the database as well as being available in print form when requested. Informed decisions by the healthcare providers involved will be made in line with these values as well as the patient’s current (and even past) medication therapy. The patient’s outlook, diet and exercise regimen should be optimized when supplemented with regular blood pressure checks.


Certified Asthma Educator

Cornerstone Pharmacy has Certified Asthma Educators who are highly experienced and truly passionate in helping alleviate much of the troubles experienced by those suffering from asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Proper education is the most vital factor in making that happen.

Approximately one fifth of the Canadian population suffers from some form or degree of respiratory disease. Fewer symptoms and a decreased probability of severe episodes will occur as a result of educating patients on how to steer clear of potential triggers in the environment as well as living the healthy lifestyle of appropriate diet and exercise.

Proper use of medication(s) and written action plans for scenarios surrounding worsened symptoms are also what Cornerstone Certified Asthma Educators will provide for those of our patients suffering from this manageable disease. With the correct game plan and proper focus, the individual can begin to increasingly take back control of their life.


Diabetes Educator

Diabetes is a dangerous disease and requires careful and effective management.  If not managed properly, Diabetes and lead to a myriad of health complications, from heart and cardiovascular failure to,  blindness and Kidney Disease.

If you have Diabetes, whether is be Type 1, or Type 2, or if you are looking to learn about how to prevent Diabetes, Cornerstone is here to help with our Diabetes Educator program.  We can help you further understand the Diabetes disease and its risks, and provide you with strategies to best manage the complication or, provide you with the health practices to prevent its on-set.

Learn to manage Diabetes, or prevent it’s on-set at Cornerstone Pharmacy!

Smoking Cessation

The health implications associated with smoking are vast and highly detrimental. Every individual worldwide has been affected in their lifetime by smokers, whether sentimentally through a loss dear to one’s heart or by physical proximity to the cloud of smoke. This certainly includes the Cornerstone Team of Professionals.

The methods introduced by Cornerstone in helping all of our patients who smoke to eventually quit are in line with recent educational advancements, as well as being practical and realistic. Duly noted is the fact that the support of family and close friends will only benefit the path towards recovery.

What Cornerstone Pharmacy can offer to you and or your loved ones in regards to achieving Smoking Cessation should not be ignored, but certainly explored. Please contact us today.