Are you suffering from G-spot envy? Try to find the U-spot or the A-spot.

G-spot envy is a common problem for women. They have heard so much about the mysterious area, but cannot find that ‘button’ that could make them weak at the knees. The G-spot can produce delightful sensations, but it should be allowed to shine alongside a few other parts of the female body.

You might wonder what other parts of the female body could out shadow the G-spot, other than the clitoris (loosely called the female equivalent to the penis).

The U-spot and the A-spot gained notoriety recently, receiving shout-outs on The Dr. Oz Show and many other mainstream radio stations. Unfortunately, there have been some mistakes in describing their precise location. Let’s talk about where they can be found, why you should care, and what could happen if you don’t.

The A-spot, a small area of sensitive tissue located at the back or innermost point (next to the cervix) of the vagina, is the A-spot. In just seconds, the A-spot can be stimulated by applying pressure to the cervix area closest to your bladder (belly button direction). What can this spot do to you? The A-spot can produce rapid lubrication of the vagina (within seconds), even in women who are generally not sexually responsive or have issues producing enough lubrication, which is very common as women age. 

This is not the only thing that matters. Some women can experience orgasms from stimulation. And unlike the clitoris of orgasmic contractions, they do not suffer post-orgasm oversensitivity.

Multiple orgasms are possible with no rest periods.

Another vital spot that women may find more manageable than the A-spot is the U-spot. It is located at the opening of your vagina, just above and to the right of the urethral opening, where we urinate. The U-spot, also known as the female prostate or the U-spot, can cause powerful erotic sensations if lightly rubbed. It’s also easier to spot than the mysterious

If you feel like you’ll need a treasure map to navigate ‘down there,’ rest assured that half the fun is in exploring. You have to decide if these spots are worthy of a bit of the spotlight.

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