Top 5 Healthy Reasons Why You Need To Eat Prunes

Prunes have been known to ease constipation and can aid in preventing disease. Here are some more of their incredible health benefits.

Are you not an avid fan of prunes? You’re not the only one. Women aged 25 and 54 react negatively to the thought of pruning that the California Prune Board demanded on the Food and Drug Administration to change their name to more attractive “dried plums” (which they technically are), which was successful! The popularity of this healthful purple fruit has increased.

Prunes don’t come as a surprise since they are no longer in fashion due to their close connection to alleviating constipation. Prunes (or have they dried plums?) were marketed as an effective digestive aid for many years mainly because of the three ingredients: fibre, sorbitol (sugar alcohol, which helps help loosen stool) and an organic laxative called diphenyl isatin.

Beyond the benefits for the digestive tract, in addition to the fact that they give you an enticing sweet taste for just 30 calories, both plums and prunes also have amazing health benefits. Here are some of them:

They help protect against cardiovascular disease and other chronic diseases.

Prunes and plums have high levels of phytonutrients, also known as phenols. They’re especially rich in two distinct phytonutrients, chlorogenic acid and neochlorogenic acid. 

Numerous studies demonstrate that these phytonutrients aid in protecting cells from damage, particularly in the context of oxidation of the lipids in our body. Because all of our cell membranes, including the brain cells, comprise a large portion of fat-containing lipids and cholesterol, they are essential phytonutrients that should be included in our diet. The compounds are also known to block the oxidation process of LDL cholesterol within the body, making them an essential element for treating chronic illnesses.

They can help to prevent type 2 diabetes as well as obesity.

The plums and prunes contain rich in soluble fibre that assists in keeping blood sugar levels in check. Soluble fibre slows down the speed that food items leave the stomach. As consequently delays the process of absorbing sugar into the bloodstream. In addition, it increases the body’s susceptibility to insulin.

The soluble fibre found in prunes can help you feel fuller after eating, which will help prevent eating too much and the subsequent weight increase.

Prunes and plums can help lower cholesterol levels.

The soluble fibre we talked about also helps reduce cholesterol levels by absorbing excess Bile from the intestine before excreting it. Bile is a product of cholesterol that is produced by the liver to process fat. When the body expels Bile and the fibre found in plums and prunes liver has to use cholesterol within the body to create more Bile, thereby decreasing the amount of Bile that circulates in the body. Soluble fibre can also reduce the production of cholesterol through the liver’s process in the beginning. 

A study from 2011 found that prunes were superior to psyllium when it comes to alleviating constipation.

They aid in improving bone health and lower the risk of developing osteoporosis.

A study in 2011 proved that plums and prunes could be the best fruits in stopping and reverse the loss of bone due to the abundance of flavonoid and phenolic compounds.

They’re an excellent supply of vitamin K as well as beta carotene.

A study in 2013 revealed that a higher intake of beta carotene might improve the mood of people. Beta-carotene can also help protect and repair the harm caused by free radicals to our cells. This means that it could help reverse signs of ageing. 

Vitamin K is in synergy with beta carotene to battle age-related signs by aiding in reducing loss of bone and enhancing circulation.

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