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What is the Wild Rose cleanse like after 12 days?

A 12-day herbal cleansing program improves metabolism and supports the liver and intestines to promote proper system digestion. What is the promise? According to the materials included in the kit, there will be a dramatic increase in energy levels and overall well-being. What’s the deal? 

The diet consists of almonds, brown rice, fish, and garlic, ginger, and onions. 

There are three herbal tablets and an herbal extract tincture. These should be consumed twice daily. 

The following foods are acceptable for the 12 days: most vegetables (except for mushrooms), certain fruits (apples and berries, stone fruits like cherries and nectarines, and plums), eggs, coffee beans, whole grains, peanuts, seeds, nuts, and legumes (with the possible exception of peanuts), and herbs. What foods are you prohibited from eating? All dairy products and flour products are allowed. Oh, and alcohol?

Why not give up the good stuff for 12 consecutive days?

The 3 p.m. sweet treat run was getting a little too repetitive to change the eating habits. Also, I wanted to lose some holiday/winter weight. I had meant to find the time for a program like this for a while. 

I thought that a structured program like this would help me stay on track and instill healthier habits. After the hockey win, I went to the grocery store to stock up. I was able to get most of the produce section, along with almonds and pepitas in the bulk section, chicken breasts, unsweetened milk, and frozen berries, into my cart. The Wild Rose detox kit, which costs around $40, was already purchased at a local health food store. After finishing one more gummy candy, I went to sleep that night feeling refreshed and ready for the next 12 days. We are here!

Days 1 through 4: Living in a fog

I am going to have a problematic breakfast. My morning routine includes Greek yogurt, fruit, and toast. With yogurt and toast out of my reach, I can now have fruit. However, I cannot eat any fruit (bananas are not recommended). Fortunately, ChatelaineHQ offers a green juice delivery service three days a week. I signed up for Mondays. My green juice, usually an elixir that contains any combination of kale and spinach, pears and apples, and ginger, was delicious on day 1. I paired it with some berries and a cup of black coffee. I find this refreshing, and I enjoy it more than I thought.

The hardest part was the first four days. Although my cravings were not severe, I found myself longing for fresh naan or some feta to go with my lentil curry. While I won’t reveal details, my trips to the toilet were more frequent when I was taking Laxaherb, an herbal tablet. The worst thing was the fogginess that I felt every afternoon. 

In the evenings, I felt a bit anxious. My heart rate sped up slightly, and my chest felt tighter. These symptoms made me a little nervous, so I searched Google for reviews and found that many others had done the detox. It was easier to follow the detox after day 5.

Days 5-8: Making discoveries

All the reviews were correct. I woke up feeling refreshed on day 5. By afternoon, there was no feeling of being “out of it.” The weekend presented a new challenge. Every evening during the week, I prepared my dinner and took some to work with me for lunch. My weekend was when my friends went out to eat, drink, and have merry. On Friday was the birthday of a friend, so we went to a bar. There would be dancing. I was hesitant about going because I was afraid I would be out of place in a crowd of happy, drunk friends. Once we arrived, I felt energized by the music and my fun-loving pals and danced until the last call. It was energizing to dance all night without having to drink alcohol. It was even more satisfying to wake up on Saturday morning feeling sexy and energized. An update on food: My new favorite dressings are those made with tahini and garlic, lemon, and crunchy pepitas that I sprinkle over everything. While I miss pasta and cheese, I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, and I am happy with my food choices and culinary creations. Balsamic vinegar is the thing that I miss most. Although salads made with olive oil and lemon juice are delicious, they can become a little dull. 

Days 9-12: I might be converted

This way of living was my regular by day 9. People would often ask me how I was doing. I’d think about it for a moment before realizing that they were talking about the detox. Blueberries, almonds, and sliced apples were my snacks. I dipped them in almond butter and sprinkled cinnamon on top. I had delicious and varied meals and also took advantage of healthy takeout options nearby. Although I haven’t noticed any significant energy changes, I am not feeling the afternoon slump. My jeans are looser. I feel pretty accomplished and happy knowing that I can eat clean and healthy without being tempted by no-go food (not that there aren’t temptations; ask my friend who came into my bedroom one day 6 holding a jumbo bag full of Smartfood – torture!). I am already planning my Saturday morning brunch, and I look forward to my daily Greek yogurt. I also know that I will be much more mindful of what I eat. Would I do it over? Yes. This is how I feel. (And cacao powder and tahini, you won’t go anywhere.

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